Saturday, 7 May 2011

White Sand Viewpoint

Koh Chang Viewpoint - White Sand Bay

Today I went up to the Island Viewpoint located in White Sands, a 3 minute motorcycle up the hill from our house in Kai Bae.  The views from here are stunning, as you can see.  The sun sets like this pretty much every day.  Its hard not to take it for granted because you very rarely get to see sunsets like this back home - and if you do then the view is usually blocked by houses, pylons etc, so It's nice to be able to watch the sun set over the sea with nothing but a few scattered isolated islands and palm leaves to obstruct it.

The viewpoint can get busy at times, but at this time of year it is fairly quiet.  There were maybe 15 people there, mainly couples on holiday getting some good pictures to makes their friends at home jealous.. ;-).  The Viewpoint looks over the Gulf of Thailand - The other side of the island looks out onto the Sea of Cambodia, and after about a hundred or so miles it the coast of Cambodia.  You cant see it from the island, even on a good day, but it isn't too far.

I caught a glimpse of a couple sat out on the edge of the viewpoint and took the opportunity to snap them.  The sunlight at about 18:00 offers really good light and you can get some nice silhouetted pictures.  I will post some more of the funnier ones later on.

Tonight we are going to Ban Bang Bao to Pierre Kann's house for a seafood BBQ he as kindly offered to cook.  More to follow...

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