Friday, 20 May 2011

Koh Chang Grand Lagoona

We visited Koh Chang Grand Lagoona Resort yesterday, which is located about 10 minutess motorbike drive past the village of Bang Bao. The place was rather strange and many people on the island actually believe that it doesnt exist. It was quite a hard place to find as you have to motorbike down a dirt road and there are signs saying private road which made us abit wary about carrying on. After 10 minutes down the dirt road we reached a security guard sitting in a hut. He looked very happy to see us!! We paid him 150 baht each which is about £3 and he gave us tickets for a free drink, snack and a map! We drove round the corner and reached a bicycle renting service, so we got on our bikes (adams had a bell) and rode to the first stop.

Ship Hotel

Galaxy Floating hotel is a seven deck hotel placed next to the sea. It is quite breathakingly strange once you first see it, but the idea of staying in it would be pretty cool! It cost 699 baht per night which would equate to only £14!!

Right next to the Galaxy Hotel was a deserted beach with sunloungers and palm trees galore! The sea was clear and it was unbeliveable that their was no one else on there! The only people we saw in the whole resort were thai workers and chefs just cycling around or watering the plants.

The scenery and objects placed around this place were amazing, it felt like it had been created by some millionaire,  trying to intise rich people to stay in their own little paradise. (Not sure whether its working if no one thinks it exists!)  If you have ever seen lost it felt like the dharma barracks as it was so secluded and the mountains, trees and cabins were all there!

Hmmmm i wonder what lives in here?!

The Grand Lagoona had many floating hotels which had been created in little lakes around the resort. It is the largest resort in Koh Chang and is so interesting to discover and explore as there is so many random things placed around! It was a very amazing place to see and we are possibly going to spend a night in the big ship!!


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