Saturday, 14 May 2011

Life in Koh Chang

Well we have been here two weeks today and we both feel very settled, life in Koh Chang is very relaxed. Its lovely to stop on the way home to see a beautiful sunset and just relax.

But saying that... we visited Wat Klong Prao temple which is about a 20 minute ride from our house,  and got caught up in a massive rain and thunder storm so had to take shelter for about an hour. The temple was lovely though......... shame about the weather! We regularly get woken up by thunder storms which sound like their right on top of the house, scary stuff!

Leftover from a landslide
 Our day to day routine usually consists of waking up at about 2pm (bad, i know!) and then popping to the beach or for some lovely Thai or western food.  There are so many dogs around here its unreal, but they are so lazy! i tipped some water on one of their faces and it didn't even flinch! (Too much of the good life!)

Then we usually go for some drinks, to a party or BBQ and get in around 4am and sleep at about 6! The sleeping pattern is taking its toll a little bit as there is so much to do and see!

Adam is trying to teach me how to play pool as i realised i was rubbish after playing killer with 10 men and making a fool out of myself. So he's going to make me into a master and i will beat all of them. Muhahahaha!

Adam's new girlfriend (the one in the middle)

The nightlife is really cool here, we went to see a ladyboy show last night which was followed by a fire show. Some of the ladyboys are really convincing and actually beautiful, but a few of them are definite blokes!! All the people we have met are really friendly and they never seem to stop partying!

Swollen foot :(
We went for an elephant trek and i think i must of been bitten, or had a reaction to a bite! Going to the bar last night was fun as everyone took the mic out of me and the night ended up with adam giving me a piggyback out of the bar.....!

More to follow......................


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